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Double Captains ! Deadly snacks nightmare !
Commercial narrator: “ Are tired of choosing what kind of snack you want ? Sick of eating either junk, healthy, sweet or sour food for watching your weight ? Looking for a perfect snack ? Well, wait no more ! Say hello to the food of tomorrow, Sweety Mimi’s  Xnacx . Xnacx is the combinations of candies, organic, bake goods and four basic food groups. Some people try them for three weeks without gaining a pound , rotting teeth or breaking a face. It’s never molds, it’s never melts and it’s  also So  get it now! Sweety Mimi’s  Xnacx !”
At the town park, all the children crowded, waiting not only for Xnacx but the the beloved the company’s mascot, Sweety Mimi. Patrick McKleener , a sham rich man and chairman of Sweety Mimi’s corporations have walk to the stage for announcement.
 Patrick McKleener:” Now I know you kids don’t come here to listen some old rich guy in the suit. So who you really want to
:iconbigtimbears:bigtimbears 3 1
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CJ and GO7- New Hero in Town! Kid Korea !
At night, at the lab of Wasabi Tower, Mal is working something dangerous that will defeat the enemies once for all. Evil Jimmy comes in to check on Mal.
Evil Jimmy:" So, what's cooking here, pal ?"
Mal:" Oh, I whipping up a big bad warrior that will beat the wimpy S.P.D for good."
Evil Jimmy: As he looking the tube" Ooooohhhhhhh, this guy will pound Japan for breakfast! Where you get this guy ?"
Mal:" He was one of best warrior from dimension until his boss overload him with energy crystal that actually killed him, but luckily, I found what the remain of him until now ."
Mal open the tube to wake up warrior. His appearance is black, spiky hair and purple eyes. His body was muscular but covered with crystals on the right side.
Mysterious Warrior:" Where am I ? This isn't Atmos. How do I got here ?"
Mal:" Greetings friend, you really confuse. You see, you're on the place called Earth. Back on place you're boss overfeed so much c
:iconbigtimbears:bigtimbears 4 1
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PRA Psycho Rangers ? Add comment 

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Thank you for the core membership!
Fri Dec 1, 2017, 5:26 PM
Hi! My 22nd birthday's on this week's Thursday! I'd like a Digimon version of Springtrap from FNAF 3
Mon Feb 1, 2016, 1:45 AM
hapy halloween
Mon Oct 26, 2015, 12:10 AM
Thanks for points :D
Fri May 15, 2015, 6:39 PM
Happy Easter!!
Sun Apr 20, 2014, 8:58 PM
Happy birthday!
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 3:28 AM
Watch Rio 2 w/ the mute on, and skip Will I Am's character!
Sun Apr 13, 2014, 7:03 PM



Commercial narrator: “ Are tired of choosing what kind of snack you want ? Sick of eating either junk, healthy, sweet or sour food for watching your weight ? Looking for a perfect snack ? Well, wait no more ! Say hello to the food of tomorrow, Sweety Mimi’s  Xnacx . Xnacx is the combinations of candies, organic, bake goods and four basic food groups. Some people try them for three weeks without gaining a pound , rotting teeth or breaking a face. It’s never molds, it’s never melts and it’s  also So  get it now! Sweety Mimi’s  Xnacx !”

At the town park, all the children crowded, waiting not only for Xnacx but the the beloved the company’s mascot, Sweety Mimi. Patrick McKleener , a sham rich man and chairman of Sweety Mimi’s corporations have walk to the stage for announcement.

 Patrick McKleener:” Now I know you kids don’t come here to listen some old rich guy in the suit. So who you really want to see ?”

Children: “ Sweety Mimi!”

 Patrick McKleener” That’s right ! Sweety Mimi ! And Here she is !”


At the backstage, a 14 year old nerd girl, Moli Yamamoto is in her Sweety Mimi suit. Before she get on the stage she’s looking at the mirror.

Moli:” Face it , Moli, being intern on the snack company was not a bad idea. Even know you’re not better then your cousin,Julie. You have one think on you mind. Never lose your dream. “

 Patrick McKleener: Mimi ! Get your big head over here !”

Moli as she put on Mimi’s head : “Well, it’s all come to this.” She come on the stage as Sweety Mimi as the kids cheered. “ Hiya Kids! I got a treat for you ! A brand new treat made from the lab, Xnacx ! “

At the back stage, a scientist is checking the machine see if it runs right , but when he check the gauge as McKleener come towards him.

Scientist:” Ah, Mr.McKleener ? We have a Problem.” As he show the boss a pressure gauge that almost between both  blue and red. “ This blocks have unstable macular structure. We actually never test it on a high pressure. It’s almost a critical mass or gone nuclear! “

Patrick : “ Listen those  cat wailing brats ! If we don’t come with Xnacxs, It’s going be riot !”

Moli as she about to turn on the machine to give Xnacx to children. “ All right , here we go!” As she press the button to turn on the machine but all the suddenly, the machine gone haywire as the the all gauges went red and over and it’s going nuclear . Everyone have already evacuated except Moli( Patrick and the scientist left her )as she watch the machine out of control and  then explode taking her with it.

3 days later. At S.P.D base, Jimmy Park aka Kid Korea after defeating Dark Ace with his team. Gen. Monger have one task for Jimmy that he’ll be with another captain tomorrow .When Jimmy hear the door open and approach to him. He turns his head to his favorite hero, Captain Japan.

Jimmy: full of excitement " Cap...Cap ..Cap...Cap .. Captain Japan !"""

Skips: to Monger " You're right . He'll fit right in."

Gen. Monger:” Park , this is here Jamiko Miyamoto aka Captain Japan. He teach you the ropes for few things to be a great hero like him.”

Jimmy in hype mode:” Captain Japan is honor glad to see you! I enjoying your adventures! You’re my awesome hero and your greatest fan! I am super duper mega glad to serve with youuuuuuuuuuuu! “

Cap.Japan: Chuckled “ Me too ! I hered you ‘re awesome job you and your team pull there  today. I’m glad.

Jimmy as hype mode off: “Thank you ,sir.”

Skips: to CJ: “ How’s is your team doing ?

CJ:” Good sir, for now. The good news we took the space fleas. The bad news that  we have to shave Gumball’s furs off to prevent the spread but, he’ll recover for the 8 days, sir.”

Skips:” Well,it’s a good thing you rid of the flea problem. Nice work. You boys get some rest. Tomorrow, you will teach the new rookie some tips and tricks. You both dismissed.”

Jimmy and Jamiko: “Yes sir!” As they leave the office.

On the next day at Sweety Mimi’s snack food inc. McKleener and the other VIP employees have a sticky business meetings with someone .

McKleener:” Come on ! Be reasonable . Ever since your ....ahem...... unfortunate accidents. Your peers have been disgraced.”

Sweety Mimi Employer:” You frightening the children.”

Mysterious person:As she slam her fist at the table” You can’t fire me , McKleener! I love those children and they loves me ! I’m the heart and soul of Sweety Mimi!”

McKleener:” You‘re wrong ! He pointing at the factory outside. “There’s the heart and soul of Sweety Mimi! It’s the cream and that makes the old man rich . You’re just paid less clown dress up a blob.”

Turns out the mysterious person is Moli Yamamoto. The explosion with Xnacx cream have mutated her into a solid blob like humanoid that weigh in between 250 or 350 lb. Her skin was brownnest yellow because of the cream. Her middle part of her hair was normal, but her pig hair parts are swirled ice cream each side . Her clothes are same as the suit but it’s 4xl .

Moli Yamamoto: “ I AM the fat blob ! Thank to your incompetent irresponsible food-gineers, all my body have become food of tomorrow! I bleed Tomato soup! I sweat  triple ripple vanilla road monkey! I  cry  organic fruit smoothie! I everything then 4 BASIC FOOD GROUP !!!!!”

Moli was so furious that she  blast ice cream everyone with her powers , flooding the meeting room fill with ice cream.

McKleener : You’re a monster, Yamamoto!”

Moli Yamamoto:” Moli Yamamoto?  She was dead because of you! I AM SWEETY MIMI! DESTROYERS OF WORLDS!!!!!!!” As she burst through the rooftops and went  on the rampage that the company had done to her.

At the simulation training room,Jamiko and Jimmy are getting ready for exercise.

Jamiko: “Are you ready for this ?”

Jimmy :” Yes .For what ?”

Jamiko:” For this.”

Jamiko  pull a fast punch at the rookie’s face , but Jimmy blocked it in time. Then Jamiko  use a roadhouse kick but Jimmy did the same to block his. The two captains now started  face combat against each other for hours. Fists are start flying and kicking hard . Everything that Japan throws, Korea have bounce back. Then they use combat staffs to make their final strike , until Jimmy  got a upper hand by sweeping Jamiko’s legs off with his staff. As the fight stop, first, they pause for little and then, they kinda laugh like that they have some fun.

Jamiko:” Wow.. that was .. good. I never seen everyone fight me , except for Lapis  when I accidentally tell her that she can’t keep or date Daijin. Anyway, you did good.”

Jimmy: “Thank you, sir . I always prepare for anything happens.”

Jamiko:” No mention it. How about you and I go to the store and get something to snack with, ok ?”

Jimmy:”Yeah, that’s good for me.”

After cleaning themselves up from the training, the boys went out to go to the store until they see a food truck close to them is selling Sweety Mimi’s Xnacxs. So they gonna try it. As they going to buy it.

Sweety Mimi:” Drop that trash!”

Food truck driver: Gasp “Sweety Mimi!” He press the button to call three robot guards that came from the truck and he trying to start it up.

Sweety Mimi:” That’s right, Davison. And this is your last sale you ever make!”

The robots trying fire Mimi, but the bullet didn’t effect on her, then she blast two robots into scraps. The third is try to attack with brute force but unfortunately, it stuck from her cream as Mimi suck it inside and absorbing it as well into nothing then she use  her powers to flip the truck upside down. She about to get Davison until she sees Captain Japan and Kid Korea right in front of her .

Captain Japan:” Hey, No one attack a food truck on S.P.D watch!”

Sweety Mimi:” This is none of your business!”

Captain Japan:” Justice is always our business!”  To Kid Korea.” You attack her behind while I hit her in the front.”

Kid Korea: “Got it.”

Kid Korea run as Japan draw his kitana then he jumps to attack Mimi as Kid pull V blade to attack her in the back, but the attack plan is not goes as plan as their blade weapons won’t effect on her. First, Mimi use a maces from the extra  arm to smack Kid Korea then she blast Japan with her hot soup that melts most of his armor and smack him down. Then she sees Davison as he crawling out from the truck as she grab him.

Sweety Mimi: Davison! I Know about the garbage you pedaling to bring the company to it’s knees ! You go back to McKleener and tell him that !” As she let him go.

Kid Korea :”  Freeze !”

Sweety Mimi: “What ?”

Mimi sees Kid Korea holding  a damaged armor CJ while both of the heroes holding blasters at her.

Kid Korea:” Come quietly,criminal or it will be trouble”.

Sweety Mimi: Listen guys, I not a criminal. I’m Creamy.” As she flew away, leaving the heroes  confused .

Nick: Sees everyone running in fear including truck driver as Sweety Mimi smash truck into bits and skips into scene where Mimi destroys a superior market. “ And a super villain formally known as beloved Sweety Mimi continue her warp campaign to eradicate the company that once employees her. Who is this cold heart fiend who deprived the world’s favorite treat ? Mr Patrick McKleener, CEO of Sweety Mimi corporation issue this statement to the press.”

Patrick McKleener:” She’s a mindless little brat. A vicious psychopath bent destroying the good work we done. Remember kids, “Tasty is good.” “

Later  that night at Sweety Mimi’s snack food inc, boardroom was cleaned after the cream flooded from Mimi, Mckleener have a meeting with VIP employees about  a “food” problem.

Patrick McKleener: “Gentlemen, I think you all agree we have a crisis on our hands.But, I’m sure you been pleased the solution I propose.” As the door opens , come out is an 8 foot tall black robot.Look like Sweety Mimi mascot , but muscular .

Patrick McKleener:” Nantrix X-9000. Super nano android, acid proof killing machine and our new company’s mascot . It’ll take care of our Sweety Mimi problem.”

Sweety Mimi Employer:” Why do we just let the police or the SPD handle her.”

Patrick McKleener: With the angry look.” Sweet Mimi is the food who know too much. Now she blabs our ... trained secrets to the authorities, well....we’ll all be spending our golden years in the slammer.”

Nantrix X-9000:” Do not worry, Mr. McKleener. Sweety Mimi is my target now.”

At the SPD lab, Jamiko and Jimmy are the medical center after the tough battle as the techies working to repair their armors.

Jamiko:” Hey Jimmy.”

Jimmy:” Yeah ?”

Jamiko:” I was thinking. What made you join the SPD ? Well beside me, anyway.”

Jimmy:”Well,before I was  here, I was a special unit squad for young professionals that my parents sent me because I have gift for luck. I’ve worked my way to protect everyone no matter the cause. My previous team are  jealous and don’t like me at all especially my superiors, so they kicked me out of the the force and in the streets until   you’re boss found me and take me in and now I’m here. New team to trust , no jealousy of me . All because of my luck helped me.”

Jamiko:” Wow, you know I was like you, working alone from the top until some villains and thier civil war got me beat me down and I figure that I need a team to end this. At the end ,I have best team I ever had. They were like my family that I never had.”

Jimmy :”Yeah, team work is dream work.”

The boys sees Muscle Man comes back from the lab and give them thier transformation devices back.

Muscle Man:” Alright bros. Here’s two things. First, the tech-bros have repaired and upgraded your armors, now withstands through  anything. And second, The Sweety Mimi corporation sponsored an annual picnic and being held at the Tokyo  Park tomorrow  .”

Jamiko:” Our guess is that where that mutant will strike.”

Muscle Man:” You guys gonna to need back up.”

Jamiko:” No, I think me and Jimmy can take care of this.”

The next day, the park fill with cheering children at the annual picnic , there is McKleener at the stage, next to him is the  Xnacx machine. Jamiko and Jimmy are sitting on the tree, spying to see if Mimi shows up.”

McKleener:“Now, I know you kids don’t come here to listen some old rich guy in the suit. Let me introduce, the new, improved Sweety Mimi!”

Nantrix X-9000: As the android appears on the stage, first the children were cheered then they little disgust of the new Sweety Mimi.” Hello Children. We are having fun at this time. My carefree antics are winning your hearts.“

While sees the new Sweety Mimi, the boys are suspicious about this and the company.

Jamiko:” Jimmy,  am I the only to have the guts feeling about this ?”

Jimmy: “ Yeah. Something’s really off here. Remember what she said yesterday.”


Sweety Mimi: Listen guys, I not a criminal. I’m Creamy.”

-flashback ends-

Jamiko:”You’re right. Let’s gonna have a chat with his “new Sweety Mimi.”

Sweety Mimi:” McKleener! You’re gonna paid for your crimes!!!”

McKleener:” X-9000, get to work!” As the andoid begin to attack Mimi.

Sweety Mimi:” I’m your four basic food group of doom!”

The two mascots  have clash in combat.Everyone watch as Mimi fire a hot frying grease but, Nantrix has block her attack and fire  a missile at her but, Mimi block it too with ice cream.The boys  have transform into their hero forms and head towards the battle to stop this madness.

Kid Korea:” Sweety Mimi ! Stop !”

Sweety Mimi:” I told you to leave me alone !” As she blast him with ice cream, but the Kid dodge it with his reflexes.While she distracted, the X-9000 is about to blast them both until Captain Japan pops out of nowhere  and cut it’s arm off. But,  millions of nanobots are from the arm and reassembles with the android and form  a hammer
to smash him but, Captain blocks it with the shield.

 Kid Korea:” Sweety Mimi! You can’t do this here. Think of the children!”

Sweety Mimi:” The Children?” Looking at the kids sees their real favorite mascot. Mimi turn off her rage and switch with innocent.” Hiya kids.” To Kid Korea “ You’re right!”

As Mimi change heart , the android have a chance to fires it missile that brought her down as CJ struggle at its grip. Kid Korea runs towards Mimi.

Kid Korea:” Why you had to do it?”

Sweety Mimi:” It’s McKleener’s Xnacx. It’s not....” The sentence was interrupted as they sees X-9000 ,still holding CJ come towards them.

X-9000:” Move aside or you two will share the same fate with Sweety Mimi.”

Out of options to defeat without getting CJ hurt, but  he know one thing about nanobots, they never stick together close. He throw a grenade at the android , didn’t effect. When it try to form the cannon, something’s wrong. The nanobots is actually have stuck together with some kind of goo. Turns that Kid throw a glue bomb. Then, Kid use his V blade to cut CJ free.

Cj: “ Thanks. Now let’s say we wraps this thing up with a Double Captain Tornado kick!”

Kid Korea:” Yeah!”

Two captain jump sky high as they hold hands then form drill like tornado as they spin around towards X-9000 until the android finally explode. McKleener is made his escape.

Sweety Mimi:” Stop McKleener! He’s a real villain!”

Kid Korea throw another glue bomb at McKleener so he won’t get out.

Later, when the cops arrives about to book on McKleener .The authorities were here to foe what going on.

Sweety Mimi:” Once I underwent my transformation, I realized what this man has been passing out is Xnacx and also add from run off from the factory cooling system .”


Sweety Mimi:” An industrial affluent gussied up so the product won’t be unstable.”

McKleener: “Yes ! It’s all true! I would gotten away with it! If it wasn’t for the SPD!!”

Later, At the SPD base. The two captains are reported to office to sees Gen. Monger about what they did today.

Gen.Monger:” So Japan, how do you think about new rookie? Did he pass the final 
test ?”

Jamiko: Look at Jimmy “ You know what I think about him. I think he did great in flying colors. “ To Jimmy.” I want to say you going great fitting in SPD for sure. Welcome to the force.”

Jimmy:” Thank you sure.” As he shake Jamiko ‘s hands.

- Carrie’s Retirement-

Morning, at the SPD main lobby. Everyone in the base are up and waiting for someone. The boys cadets were at the left side and the girls were at the right. Captain Japan and his 6 gangs with him including Gunther’s Fury. Pops right in the middle beside him is Eugene Gar. Come  from the door is Carrie, walking towards Pops and Gar and next to Darwin .

Gar:” Carrie, as the finest of the force and the great member of the Gang of 7. Today this is your final day here. For here on out, you will be like anyone else in this world, a civilian, but you will always still a SPD family.”

Pops: As  he  held “YesDear 8000”, a bracelet for each one to make fall in love and not one of them fall for other. He put one both Carrie’s and Darwin’s wrists.” And now I pronounce you boyfriend and girlfriend entenity. And here’s two tickets for the 4 mouth trip to tropical island.”

Gar:”Yes... Since you’re retiring, we found a replacement that you already knew.” Out from the door to the right comes Enid, a part witch and part werewolf ninja is walking towards to the former member.” Enid is fine job for Jamiko’s team. She’ll would do great.”

Carrie: "Please Enid, take good care of the team."
Enid: "Don't worry Carrie, your friends are in good hands."

Then Enid walks towards Captain Japan and made a handshake with him.

Captain Japan:” Welcome to the gang, Enid.”
Enid:” I be looking forward to working with you guys.”

Enid first walking and stand with rest of the gang. The next thing is emotional is everyone salutes to Carrie to farewell as she take Darwin and rush through the door that her new life begins


Double Captains ! Deadly snacks nightmare !
Adventure for :iconkainsword-kaijin:

Inspired by The Tick vs Education 
Going to up a Commission for $10.00 or 10 points ,please add comments or sent note and I draw it for you 

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PRA Psycho Rangers ? Add comment 

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